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No Appeal Filed; Appeal Period is Over

The 30-day appeal period has expired, and no appeal has been filed. It appears now the North Springfield Biomass Plant proposal is truely defeated. NoSAG still has bills to pay from opposing this project, please consider making a donation. Thank you for your support!

PSB Denies Biomass Project Certificate of Public Good

2014-Feb-12 North Springfield Action Group (NOSAG) Press Release

Our dedicated group of concerned citizens over the past 2 years have consistently stated that electricity can be produced by more efficient means than by burning wood. We have supported conservation programs and measures that are consistent with the States goals to protect the environment.

NOSAG highlighted the inefficiencies of the proposed Biomass for electricity plant and the 448,700 tons of green house gas (GHG) emissions produced from the plant yearly, as stated by the developer, throughout the Section 248 process. The impacts of the pollution and GHG into the air constitute the important decision by the Public Service Board (PSB), we could not be more thankful to the Board for their denial of the Certificate of Public Good.

Our group has always supported the Vermont Wood Industry however we have not supported the inefficient use of our valuable wood resources in the production of electricity at a 26% efficiency rate.  NOSAG has taken public notice of the fact that efficiency rates of 75-85% when using wood for heat is a far better use of our wood resources.

NOSAG  has been active with the citizens of Springfield and the greater area stating our concerns with the many negative health and environmental effects this plant would bring. We have been in full support on the Governor's concerns with Climate Change.

Robert Kischko PE, the chair of NOSAG stated "We want to thank the PSB and the Hearing Officer with their decision to deny the CPG for this project. The Board clearly recognizes the project does not meet either the present or future demand for electricity in our area or State. We are very grateful the PSB recognized the net negative consequences of this project."

The thoughtful and dedicated residents, in particular those in North Springfield, have fought this on many fronts and we have always stressed the need to protect the environment and have supported the thoughtful and forward looking development in our Town which would be consistent with our Town Plan and this project was not.  

Donations Needed

NoSAG took a financial risk in hiring an attorney to help achieve our goals. We need to raise additional funds to pay our legal bills now, and we would ap­preciate your help.

Please find out more about donating on our Donations Page. Consider how our victory will improve your life. As always, we thank you for your support.

Project Background

Winstanley Enterprises has applied to the Vermont Public Service Board for a Certificate of Public Good to permit development of a 25 Magawatt to 35 Megawatt biomass electric generating plant in the Industrial Park.

The North Springfield Action Group has some serious concerns about this enterprise. Please read our web site to learn about this project and our concerns.

We suggest starting with Project and Issues Overview and Is this really Clean or Green Energy?, both written by NoSAG.

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